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Affiliation FAQ

We are excited to offer a suite of products including News, Sport and Agriculture, along with several optional programs and features.  


MNN Affiliates are provided top notch products through an attractive barter agreement.  All network agreements include on-air, website content, and on demand content for affiliate use in local programming.

Below, find answers to some of the most common questions.

What does it cost to be an MNN affiliate?  

Nothing!  The MNN affiliation agreement is barter only, with no MRC.


If there is no cost, how many spots to you want?

It all depends on the product network you choose.  You are required to clear all of the spots contained in the reports of your news network.  This includes News, Sports and Ag networks. Stations who do not air a specific report are required to make the spot "good" during the same day-part.

Can my station be an affiliate?  What about exclusivity?

We would love to have you on-board.  Affiliation is granted on a City of License basis. Generally speaking, one station per city of license may obtain affiliation.  Same ownership stations my have as many AM and FM affiliations they request inside that given city.  In some cases, MNN may enter into an affiliate agreement with an AM and an FM station from different owners in a given city of license.  If two stations on the same band from different ownership can mutually agree to allow the content to be broadcast on both stations, an affiliate agreement can also be offered.  The pre-existing station has first right of refusal.

How can we use your products?

Affiliates may broadcast the content on their over the air signal, include the content in website components and may utilize specific actualities and reports during locally originated programming.


I have a great story for you, can you use it?

You bet we can.  In fact, we will even pay you for it.  Stringers in the field may submit original content of regional and statewide interest to MNN.


What equipment do we need?

The primary method of delivery is via FTP. There is no need for your station to purchase additional equipment. No receivers. Our content is posted to our FTP server, which your automation can download within seconds.


How long are we locked into this agreement?

We hope you stick with us for years and years, but we realize things change.  Affiliates are brought online with an initial one year agreement.  During that year, affiliates have a 30-day introductory period to opt out, with a two week notice.

Get started today with the Maryland News Network. Contact Steve Clendenin at 410-454-0020 x700, or

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