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News Programming

These core programs are offered and include inventory required to run on each affiliate station.

Maryland Trending News

Monday-Friday 6am-10am and 3pm-7pm


Headline Driven News
MNN's "Now Trending News" headlines deliver the latest state-wide and regional news to listeners during morning and afternoon drives Monday-Friday. Our newscasts are three minutes, including network commercial inventory. Stations can opt to just run two minutes (one minute of news, one minute of commercials).

Our news is delivered to affiliates at :50 past each hour via FTP.

We also offer a non-branded option. This newscast does not include our signature stinger/open. Instead, our newscasts are delivered dry voice. This enables your station to use your own production elements to make the newcast your own!



Maryland Sports Updates

Monday-Friday 2/x daily

The Maryland News Network features AM and PM drive sportscasts showcasing Maryland teams and national headlines. The updates are headline driven with sound bites to capture your listeners’ attention. Each sports update is anchored by a major market personality.  

Each sportscast is two minutes and includes one minute of network commercials. The sportscasts are delivered at 6:30am and 2:30pm weekdays.



Bloomberg Market Minute and Maryland Market Wrap

Monday-Friday 3x/daily

We've teamed with Bloomberg to bring the gold standard of financial news to your radio station. This 60-second report combines compelling consumer and business news with a quick update of the markets. On weekends, the reports shift to a focus on thought provoking features known for their use of sound and production value.

The reports are popular with program directors and news directors because they are authoritative and comprehensive, while at the same time understandable and relatable to mainstream audiences. The reports stand out because they are backed by Bloomberg's unparalleled global news and information resources.

In addition to the Bloomberg Market Minutes, the Maryland News Network also offers a daily Maryland Market Wrap. This 60-second feature is anchored by a Bloomberg News reporter and showcases the day’s biggest business news in Maryland. Each report ends with the Closing Bell Report. We’ll bring the headlines from around the nation and state to your listeners.


Optional Programming

We offer these programming elements to non-network affiliates. This is a great reduced inventory option for stations that just want to air a few features.

Farming and Ag News

Monday-Friday 1x/daily (available 5am-7pm)

The Farming and Ag Report reports the headlines relevant to farmers in our region. Each report includes headlines impacting farming, as well as a rundown of the day's Grain and Broiler rates.

The report is presented non-branded. We also offer a custom intro and outro that can be recorded by our talent to make the report sound like it's from your station!

The Farming and Ag Report is available to network and non-network stations. Delivery is 4:30am Monday-Friday. The report is two minutes, and includes the one minute required network commercial inventory.

Want to affiliate with the Maryland News Network? Click here for our Affiliate FAQ

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